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A summary of Nepal:This country which covers only 0,1% of the earth´s surface is the natural habitat of - 2% of all flowering plants. - 8% of all birds, consisting of more than 848 bird species. - 4% of all mammals. - 11 of the 15 known species of butterfly in the world, with more than 500 varieties.- 600 indigenous varieties of plants. - 319 exotic breeds of orchid.
Size: 147.181 square metres.
Geographical position: Surrounded by China (Tibet) in the North and India in the South. Capital: Katmandu.
Population: Approx. 22 million.
Language: Nepalese, but very good English is used in the field of tourism.
Currency: Nepalese rupees. In March 2000 the exchange rate was: 1 US$ = 60,05 rupees.


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Sections of the population:Nepal has more than 40 different ethnic groups and 70 various languages.
Political system: Only recently has a multi-party democratic system with a constitutional monarchy been in practice.
Religion: Nepal is referred to as the only Hindu kingdom in the world, yet there exists a harmonious mixture of Hinduism and Buddhism.


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