Toni Hagen
Dalai Lama


Diary 1 November 1950

When I now read what I wrote last night...I can only smile and ask myself whether I should simply tear out the page or not. Everything is perfectly normal. Business as usual in the town. I was just about to wonder whether yesterday´s heavy and unusual food - combined with the fact of it being so late - had been the cause of such a crazy dream, apart from just a stomach-ache...and of course I didn´t dare to enquire. It could have turned out to be embarrassing - to have looked at baffled and confused faces after asking "What about the revolution?" And who can tell how they would have reacted at court?


Perhaps they would have assigned me to a particular political party, and who knows which one. Oh well, be that as it may. I am almost reassured when General Bijaya finally and nervously approaches me with the subject. (Did I say "reassured" in connection with the fact that the general spoke to me about a revolution? - what a paradox! Like everything else in this country!).


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