Toni Hagen
Dalai Lama


Diary 24 October 1950

It began on the 24th of October 1950 when I arrived in India...finally the time had come. India! With its delightful droning, a reliable old Lockheed Constellation brought me to Karachi and from there - after a cool shower and a few hours of sleep - further on to Bombay. What a strange world. What a unique welcome...We had hardly landed, when a troop of Indian health officials stormed the aeroplane and enveloped everything in a suffocating fog of insecticide. Coughing, I fought my way outside through the mist...(I almost wrote "into the fresh air". That would have been sheer mockery!) I was flabbergasted.
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So that is what 90% humidity feels like in more than 40 degrees in the shade...the air is hot and as heavy as water, and I struggle for breath like a fish. Well, this is a bright outlook indeed! Fortunately, a car from the "Taj Mahal" luxury hotel where I had already booked, picked me up. People wherever one looks, everywhere nothing but people. A slow moving stream of dark bodies, light-coloured garments, turbans and luminous saris. And where a path opened up before my limousine, one could see red stains on the street and the sidewalks - endless rows of blood red and dried splashes, which collected as little pools at the crossroads; wherever one looked - one saw dried blood...

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