Toni Hagen
Dalai Lama


The Ring of Buddha - Toni Hagen

Advisor to the Kings of Nepal and close friend of the Dalai Lama. Holder of the highest award of the Himalayan kingdom, explorer, adventurer that was Toni Hagen.

This is where the complete story of Toni Hagen begins and where it will be added to continually. Should you be able to provide any interesting contributions concerning one of the most fascinating people of our times we would kindly ask you to contact us. Toni Hagen was one of the biggest friends of a mysterious and strikingly middle-aged Nepal. He entered the realm of the Himalayas at a time when it was still the "forbidden kingdom".


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As the first foreigner who was allowed to move around totally freely, he was able to visit areas and regions that even today remain closed to general entrance


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